Yamaha Motors enters electric vehicle leasing with Zypp Electric

Yamaha Motors has made an announcement that it has entered the country’s capital – New Delhi with two-wheeler Asset Management Services through its Indian company – Moto Business Service India (MBSI). Being a mobility solution company functioning in asset management and service, it provides services for tech startup companies focusing on shared mobility space.

The first investment comes in the form of Zypp Electric with the launch of 250 Hero Electric two wheelers in New Delhi. Zypp Electric is an established rival in the last-mile delivery segment providing services to leading E-commerce segments across logistics, groceries, food, and pharma sectors.

MBSI envisions to amplify the usage of vehicles on shared/rental platforms, thus creating more employment opportunities. “We are extremely excited to officially launch MBSI in New Delhi, by kick-starting our operations with Zypp Electric. The Indian electric vehicle mobility market is growing in line with the overall global trend and will see rapid traction and growth for shared two-wheelers and four-wheelers in the EV segment,” said Shoji Shiraishi, Managing Director, MBSI.

The company says that it aims to urge a majority of companies and delivery executives across the country to go electric. “We will onboard EV vehicles across multiple cities and generate employment avenues for the youth of India. We need to create an evolving ecosystem that can address all challenges and enable millions of businesses to adopt sustainable modes of transport. We plan to work with more environment friendly mobility companies in the future and to transform the overall shared mobility space in India by bringing our financial and strategic experience from our stakeholders,” added Shiraishi.