Windows 8.1 with Bing – Is free Windows on the way to battle out with Google ?

Reliable reports have emerged on the internet quiet clearing showing that Microsoft is going to launch Windows 8.1 with Bing for free.

This could be a huge change for Microsoft particularly in its business model which has been traditionally reliant on Windows software license fees from both OEM’s and retail customers. But most importantly it is a tacit admission from Microsoft that there current business model is increasingly become obsolete and they need to innovate to survive in a ever increasing mobile computing world being dominated by Apple and Google.

With Xbox and Office 365 subscription based revenue model doing good, Windows seems to be slowly moving in that direction.  Steve Ballmer – man mainly responsible for Microsoft’s current rot – famously used to say that they crushed IBM as it had become a dinosaur and could not keep up with the  emerging trends.

Microsoft’s rumored attempt to give Windows 8.1 for free with Bing could be seen as a desperate  attempt by a slowing dinosaur to save itself from extinction.

The saying “history repeats itself ” is so true in case of Microsoft.

Lets’ wait and see whether history fully repeats itself and Microsoft becomes IBM i.e. history or again becomes the dominating Microsft it used to be.





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