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Want 50GB for free ? – use MEGA cloud storage

Posted on: 10 Dec 2015 20:58 by Shabir Virk
Want 50GB for free ? – use MEGA cloud storage

MEGA provides 50 GB free storage. It also comes with many nice features for free.

Firstly it provides end to end encryption for free which is quite unique when compared to many other cloud storage services.

Secondly it provides near universal accessibility .You can access your files using the local mega sync client for Windows, Mac or Linux. It  also has mobile apps for Android, iOS, Windows phone and also for Blackberry. It also browser apps for Chrome and Firefox.

Thirdly you can sync more than one folder using the MEGA client and this makes it far more easier to use. For eg Рyou have two different folders on two different drives and you can backup both of them using MEGA cloud storage.

You can get MEGA cloud storage here.

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