iRobot Roomba j7+ Robot Vacuum Cleaner Review

The newly launched Roomba j7+ robot vacuum cleaner is priced at Rs. 74,900. It is the most expensive and advanced product in the company’s Roomba range of robot vacuum cleaners. It comes with the Clean Base automatic dirt disposal system, which empties the dustbin of the device after cleaning tasks. The Roomba j7+ has improved navigation, object detection and avoidance, and more.

Unlike many brands that offer robot cleaners which combine vacuum cleaning and mopping in one device, iRobot divides the functions across different ranges. The Roomba range of products only focuses on the vacuum cleaning function, the Braava range, on the other hand focuses on wet mopping.

Therefore, the Roomba j7+ is only a vacuum cleaning robot, which comes with the Clean Base docking station in the box. If you have a Braava device ad well, the two can work through the same app in a coordinated way so that both devices can efficiently vacuum and mop your home simultaneously and effectively.

The automatic dirt disposal system is similar to the iRobot Roomba i3+, but the Clean Base docking station that ships with the j7+ model is significantly smaller than that of the i3+ model. Despite the smaller size, it serves the same function and is similarly rated to be able to automatically dispose of dirt from the robot vacuum for up to 60 days before the disposable dirt bag needs to be replaced.