Internet users ask Elon Musk to “Buy YouTube” after his dig at “scam ads”

Tesla CEO Elon Musk has once again triggered a buzz on Twitter after posting about “scam ads” on YouTube. The last time he did something like this, the world got to know about the Twitter deal. This time, the Twitter users are making their demands in advance, asking the billionaire to “buy YouTube”.

What created buzz was Mr Musk’s tweet about advertisements on the video streaming platform in which he said, “YouTube seems to be nonstop scam ads.” This was followed up with a meme on YouTube’s policy against people swearing as against when there are scam ads.

The followers were quick to react to the post.

“Please buy YouTube,” a Twitter user said in response to Mr Musk’s post. “Imagine being the richest man on earth and not paying the $11.99/month to get rid of ads,” said another.

Some users even posted interestingly funny photos from web series Panchayat, describing the characters as Musk’s team planning to buy YouTube.

The SpaceX chief in the past tweeted about “buying Coca-Cola”, which left Mr Musk’s followers trying to make assumptions about his next move.

Few days back, Mr Musk threatened to walk away from his $44 billion deal to acquire Twitter if the social media network fails to provide data on spam and fake accounts.

Twitter was in a “clear material breach” of its obligations and that Musk reserves all rights to terminate the merger agreement, as per a letter sent by him to the company and reported by news agency Reuters.