iCloud – Apple’s own cloud storage service and more


iCloud is Apple’s own cloud storage service which spans across all Apples devices like iPhone, iPad and Mac.

With iCloud you can store all your documents, presentations, music, videos, pdfs and any other thing and access it across all your devices.

Also these all files are automatically updated which means you edit your document on your Mac and its version on iPhone automatically becomes updated. This is immensely helpful in increasing productivity.

iCloud also synchronizes your app store purchase across all devices. With the family sharing option all these becomes accessible for up to six family members.

Not only is iCloud a storage service but also updates your notes, contacts, mails and reminders across all your devices. In case you are away from your Apple devices you can access these files through iCloud.com from a PC.

It uses 128-bit AES encryption to protect all your data which is simply great. Also for most type of services Apple provides both In Transit and On Server  encryption which further enhances the security of our data.

Apple further provides for two-step verification service option which should be used to further enhance your account security.

Also it synchronizes your web surfing experience across all Apple devices if you are using Safari.

It provides backup service for all your data.

You can also use iCloud.com to find your Apple device in case it is lost, stolen or forgotten.

Apple’s iCloud is more than just a cloud service it also a comprehensive package to make your life easier while using Apple’s elegant devices.

Courtesy- Apple


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