How can you prevent your Instagram account from getting hacked?

Hacking of accounts is a very severe problem now a days.

To keep accounts protected and prevent hacking, Instagram has shared some tips and introduced security features.

There are various ways like sending links, softwares, coding and more that hackers might use to hack accounts but the common mistakes made by us can make it simple for them to gain unauthorised access to our accounts. It is important to follow certain measures that can reduce the risk of accounts being hacked.

– Enable two-factor authentication: Instagram has introduced this feature which keeps the account owner aware if someone tries to login into their account. Instagram has recommended Google Authenticator as the best-suited authentication app to enable two-factor verification and keeping accounts safe.

– Instagram account users are advised keep their phone number and email address.

– Users should set a strong password using numbers, letters and special characters. Also, one should change the password regularly. Refrain from repeating passwords or using the same password for different sites.

– Users should remain cautious about scammers and phishers as they try to peek into your personal information and convince you by tricking and sending messages or links or emails.