Best Christms Gift – Apple Macbook Pro – Retina Display

Christmas is around the corner and thoughts of gifts are in the air. If you are thinking of giving a technological gift to someone than there could hardly be anything better than Apple Macbook Pro with Retina Display.

There are many reasons for this claim.

First is the stunning Retina display which results in  very high pixel density. This makes everything so crystal clear that it is a joy to watch. In short it is way better than HD display.

New fourth generation Intel Haswell processors and PCI based flash storage make processing large files as smooth as butter. It has made Macbook Pro the ideal laptop for photography, video editing and gaming. It is a paradise if you are a graphic designer, an animator or a gamer. A rare achievement among the army of laptops vying or our attention.

The super sleek design of Macbook Pro makes it a device to flaunt for our vanity. Any laptop kept next to Macbook is bound to look ordinary which give us one more reason to have it as our Christmas gift.

The new OS X Yosemite – the most advanced OS X till date makes it one more reason to gift the Macbook Pro. It’s now famous Continuity and Handoff features make it even more enticing if you are an iPhone user as it allows you to make and receive calls and sms  from your laptop.

Overall Macbook Pro with Retina display is  one of the best Christmas Gift you can give or get for yourself.

Happy Holidays.




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