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Asus A88XMA and A55BM-A/USB3 – First FM2+ Kaveri Motherboards

Posted on: 08 Aug 2013 18:22 by TechLime
Asus A88XMA and A55BM-A/USB3 – First FM2+ Kaveri Motherboards

ASUSTeK Computer Inc., or ASUS, a computer hardware and electronics company, has announced the launch of new A88XM-A and A55BM-A/USB3 motherboards.

The A88XM-A with AMD A88X chipset and A55BM-A/USB3 with A55 chipset are both Micro-ATX motherboards for existing AMD ‘Richland’ and ‘Trinity’ FM2 APUs, and are hardware-ready for upcoming AMD ‘Kaveri’ FM2+ APUs that support DirectX 11.1 and PCI Express 3.0 natively.

The ASUS A88XM-A and A55BM-A/USB3 motherboards support Kaveri’s new PCI Express 3.0 interface with a PCIe 3.0/2.0 x16 slot and feature exclusive technologies for enhanced performance and reliability.

USB 3.0 Boost technology gives data transfer rates up to 1.7 times faster than ordinary USB 3.0 with industry-standard UASP (USB Attached SCSI Protocol) devices.

USB 3.0 Boost also incorporates an optimized ‘turbo’ mode for data transfer speed improvements from any standard USB 3.0 device, the company said.

Both motherboards also feature an easy-to-use UEFI BIOS, Fan Xpert fan control for a quiet environment and increased cooling efficiency, and exclusive ASUS 5X Protection technology for enhanced reliability and durability.

DIGI+ VRM voltage regulation ensures precise digital control over power delivery to the processor for reduced energy consumption and enhanced stability, while resettable fuses protect I/O ports and DIMM slots from short circuits and voltage spikes, the company added.

Electrostatic-discharge guards also protect sensitive components from electromagnetic interference and high-quality solid capacitors, industry-rated for a lifespan for over 50 years of continuous use under typical operating conditions (at 65 degrees centigrade), last more than twice as long as traditional electrolytic capacitors.

Additionally, chromium oxide-plated stainless steel rear I/O subjected to 72-hour spray salt endurance tests for superior corrosion resistance and an increased lifespan, the company concluded.

The company has published full specifications for the A88XMA and A55BM-A/USB3 on its website.

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