Android 13 Beta 3 only displays per-app language settings for compatible apps

In what is surely expected to be a boon for multilingual users, Android 13 is ready to introduce per-app language settings, so different apps can display in different languages. A new development in Android 13 Beta 3, available today, has streamlined the process a bit: only supported apps are shown in the App Languages menu now.

Previously, in Android 13 Beta 2, the App Languages page in Settings showed every installed app. As said by Esper’s Mishaal Rahman, that’s no longer the case: only apps for which developers provide resource files defining supported languages will populate in the list. When we tried the feature in Beta 2, it was found that it didn’t play nice with a lot of apps — so hiding non-compatible applications from the list is obviously the way to go here.

Rahman also points out that you can still make the App Languages menu display every app by toggling the settings_app_locale_opt_in_enabled flag under Settings → System → Developer options → Feature flags — just be aware the feature might not work as intended (if at all) in unsupported apps.