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Tips to charge your smartphone fast

Posted on: 11 Dec 2015 21:50 by Shabir Virk
Tips to charge your smartphone fast

Charging a smart phone is a slow and somewhat irritating process. Follow these tips to make it fast.

1.  Use Proper charger

Make sure you are using a proper charger. Apple iPhone users can go through this article to get better insight on charging the iPhone.

Use of a proper charger can significantly decrease your charging time.

In case of any confusion, refer to your smartphone manufacturer’s manual for your smartphone.

airplane mode2. Keep your smartphone in Airplane Mode

While charging your smartphone, your wi-fi, 4G data, bluetooth or cell signal are all consuming energy and thus increasing charging time. By putting your smartphone in airplane mode you shut off all these and this will significantly decrease your charging time. However you will not be able to receive any calls, messages or emails until the smartphone is in airplane mode.

charging cable

3. Use proper charging cable –

Always use a proper charging cable for charging your phone. Never use a  cheap, unbranded or improper cable as it will increase the charging time for your smartphone and can affect battery life in long term.


4. Stop charging your phone when it charges to 100%

There is a general tendency to charge the smartphone more than 100%.Avoid it, never charge  your smartphone more than 100% as it reduces battery’s charging efficiency and in the long terms it affects battery’s life . Once it reaches 100%, unplug it. If doesn’t  reach 100%, it’s ok as full charging can stress the battery.

5. Remove your casing of smartphone

This might sound counter intuitive, but removing your smartphone case or cover will allow your smartphone to  remain cool during charging and thus charge faster.

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